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Sydney and Adelaide Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expos draw plenty of keen families

March 26th, 2024

Two more consumer expos have shown there are still plenty of buyers keen to improve their lifestyle by spending money on a pool or spa.

The Sydney Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo show attracted a fantastic crowd over two days, followed by an equally good turnout at the Adelaide expo last weekend.

South Australian region manager Rebecca Smith says the Adelaide Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo was running hot.

“What a weekend! Record number of exhibitors and record number of consumers through the door,” she says.

“Enquiries and leads were strong with many consumers leaving the expo with lighter wallets. Well done to all involved – and bring on 2025.”

Exhibitors at both shows say they were impressed by the calibre of visitors, with plenty saying they have opened up new avenues of exposure.

At the Sydney expo, SPLASH! spoke to Matt Ranieri from Aquify Pools, who was showcasing their 8 by 4 St Remy pool with a platinum finish. He says the show was great to get face to face and meet with potential clients, past clients and current clients, and see all of the other suppliers.

“It’s just a great energy and it’s been a great day,” he says.

Ranieri says from talking to people at the show, he believes there is a trend towards interest in smaller pools.

“People want an end-to-end solution and people want a pool for next summer. I think people have realised they’ve missed out on this season, but they want to make sure they definitely get one for next summer.”

He also says consumers have not seemed particularly concerned about cost of living.

“A lot of punters are saying they’ve already got the money or they’ve got the money saved. In years gone past, a lot more people would say they need to check with the bank first, but we’re not having those conversations as much. I’d say people who find themselves in a lucky enough position to have a decent amount of savings are a bit more likely to come and look at a pool right now.”

Other comments from the Sydney show

Beau Rixon, The Outback Plunge Pool: “It’s been a good show; we’ve done really well. We’ve had some great quality leads and quite a few sales. Normally, with our product, we’re closing on deals where potential customers have already found us and just want to come and see the product – touch and feel. So, exposing us to new markets is a big part of the reason for being here, and it’s been really good in that respect.”

Trent Darmanin, The Pool Tile Company: “The show has been great. We had some really good, qualified leads with motivated buyers. The timeline is immediate. We’re very happy with the outcome.”

Andrew Swain, Aeon Pools: “We’ve had a good mix of people on the stand, some just starting their journey and looking to investigate but mostly pre-qualified and ready to buy. Compared with previous years, this show has been one of the better ones.”

Aaron Sampson, Hot Springs: “The show this year has been great, as per usual. We’ve had some great leads and, more importantly, some great sales, high-end sales. It’s been a better show than previous years. People are far more qualified in the buying process and are definitely coming here knowing what they are after.”

Everclear Pools SA “Getting this exposure has been absolutely phenomenal. We sent out 170 quotes after last year’s show, which is huge, but this morning was crazy!

“When we opened, people were everywhere – we sold two pools in two hours! We don’t really expect that – we just focus on getting leads for quotes – but everyone is ready to go. These buyers are really qualified, they’ve done their homework, they know what they want and just come in and buy it!”

Other comments from the Adelaide show

Davey Water Products: “We were thrilled by the remarkable turnout. Having the Davey brand prominently featured in front captivated consumers has sparked genuine interest in our products. It was a fantastic experience.”

Daisy Pool Covers: “It has been gangbusters. I’ve only been able to leave the stand twice, only to come back and realise I shouldn’t have left…we’ve been so busy!”

Onix: “Today was awesome, honestly it’s been really hectic but we’ve gotten some great, positive leads and a lot of genuine interest.”

The next shows include the New Zealand Pool & Spa Expo (May 11-2) and the Brisbane Pool & Spa Lifestyle Expo (May 18-19).

Contact: https://www.poolspalife.com.au/expo

Fun and games at the Davey stand
Outback Plunge Pools had plenty of serious leads
By Chris Maher
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