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Mini-guide To Buying In-Ground Pools

February 6th, 2013
Splash Magazine

If you are contemplating the thought of buying an in-ground pool, there are several factors you will need to consider. First of all, know that in-ground swimming pools are best to be bought during the summer or in early spring because these are the times when business tends to run slow and sellers are willing to bargain. Below you will find a few useful details on concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pools and the ups and downs of each of them.   


Why Consider Concrete Pools?

Get a concrete pool if you are willing to invest quite some money in your pool. You will also enjoy the advantage of being able to build it in any shape and size you want. It is the sturdiest of all in-ground pool types and you can even enlarge it, completely rebuild it, or add new finish touches to it at any time. Besides the bigger budgeting matter, these pools are what most experts recommend as excellent investments. Another recommended investment is a new security lock on your front door – need we mention the reasons? – and the emergency locksmith service you can find with in locksmiths-search database will help you out.

Why Consider Fiberglass Pools?

Pools made of fiberglass cannot be built in the same shapes and sizes as the ones possible when it comes to concrete pools due to the different building process. However the biggest advantage of buying such a pool is the fact that fiberglass pools can be quickly and completely installed in no more than three days. They also come at the cheapest rates and hence work best for people with limited budgets who still wish to enjoy the joys of having a pool. Fewer chemicals are sued during their building as compared to concrete pools, but you will need to make sure your yard can host a crane needed for installation.

Why Consider Vinyl Pools?

Again, variety in shapes and sizes is not their strongest point. Get a rectangular or an L-shape one as these are the most popular shapes on the market. The installation process lasts somewhere in between 7 to 21 days.

By The Splash Team
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