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Master Pool Builders program launched to help elevate industry

December 20th, 2023

The Master Pool Builder (MPB) program was launched in November 2023.

Chris Samartzis, CEO of Master Pool Builders, says the launch of the program encapsulates a long-standing commitment to excellence as pool builders elevate their skill set and organisation to the next level.

Samartzis says the program opens the door to a distinguished network where skilled pool and spa builders are able to raise their craft, share knowledge and influence industry standards, ensuring a legacy of innovation, enduring quality and excellence.

Following the merger between SPASA and Master Pool Builders, the Master Pool Builder Committee was set up to develop a meaningful and fulfilling program that complements the current offering of SPASA membership.

The resultant program has distinct branding and a range of new offerings aimed at professionally developing the pool builder.

Samartzis believes they have achieved a unique balance to further the professionalism of the industry.

“Now more than ever, our members look to us to provide clear pathways for excellence and to promote high standards and ethical behaviour,” he says.

He says the membership program recognises individual pool and spa builders in their pursuit of excellence, succession planning and commitment, empowering them to build better pools and spas while providing an aspirational pathway.

“The MPB program provides a flexible pathway designed to represent and support pool builders, and recognise the value they contribute to the industry by focusing on skills, achievements, and professional development at every stage in their career.”

The program is accessible to any individual pool builder who meets the MPB eligibility requirements and whose company is a member of SPASA.

“We invite all pool builders who meet the necessary criteria to consider adopting the Master Pool Builder program as a critical tool to elevate themselves as industry champions,” he says.

Contact: Prospectus and Application.

Benefits of the MPB program

The MPB program supports the growth of its members to ensure their professional capabilities are continuously developed and recognised through:

• A dedicated advisory body tasked with championing the specific needs of the pool building sector at the local and national level.

• Specific MPB award categories.

• Dedicated MPB meetings and specific forums.

• Exclusive co-branded MPB and SPASA approved contracts.

• Enhancement of reputation and credibility among consumers, colleagues and industry partners.

• Elevating oneself in the marketplace through personal brand recognition.

• Increasing recognition with exclusive MPB-branded marketing.

• Highlighting best practice through a professional development framework.

• Demonstrating a commitment to quality outcomes of customer stewardship.

• Adhering to a disciplined strategy that ensures exceptional project management principles are consistently applied.

• A commitment to high standards of quality, craftsmanship and innovation.

By Chris Maher
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