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Hayward Australia rebuilding their team

December 20th, 2023

Hayward Australia has been developing what they believe is a winning team for a fresh era in the Asia-Pacific region.

The new era began following the appointment of Rob Emmett as managing director in March 2023.

For five-and-a-half years prior to his elevation he was Hayward marketing manager, and before that he had accumulated extensive technical and marketing experience. He is now leading Hayward on a transformative voyage, backed by a slate of new appointments.

“Hiring for success requires an understanding of the organisation’s culture, values and long-term goals,” says Emmett.

“The first step in this strategic hiring process involved filling the role of HR business partner with the addition of Dielle Gujral to the team.”

He says that Gujral is keen to create an environment where shared purpose and commitment thrive, and that a team united by common vision is better equipped to weather challenges and adapt to change. Emmett believes Gujral’s approach to hiring will lay the foundation for Hayward’s organisational success.

More appointments

Another recent addition is Joseph Tatapudi, who joined Hayward as an IT analyst, signifying the company’s focus on digital transformation.

“This transformative journey transcends the adoption of new technology; it represents a cultural and organisational shift permeating every facet of the company,” Emmett says. “The digital transformation is poised to enhance the efficiency of business processes, streamline communication, and enable Hayward to operate with greater agility and speed in delivering value to its customers.”

Paul Carroll and Jeremy Ashton now spearhead sales efforts in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, while Tamara Gamack has further bolstered their relationship-building strategies and improved post-sale engagement as New South Wales customer care officer.

“Efficient warehouse operations are equally pivotal to Hayward’s growth strategy,” says Emmett. “And the recent appointment of Robbie Robertson as warehouse manager in Melbourne signifies our commitment to timely and accurate order fulfillment.”

Aligned with Hayward’s digital transformation strategy, Robertson is tasked with integrating and leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, accuracy and overall warehouse performance nationwide.

“Our strategic hiring decisions reflect a holistic approach to organisational success – every appointment contributes to the company’s ongoing journey toward excellence, and positions the company for sustained growth and innovation in the dynamic future of the industry.”

Caption: Hayward managing director Rob Emmett

By Chris Maher
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