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Enjoy warmer pool water with Aquasun 3 Digital Solar Controllers

March 13th, 2012
Splash Magazine

Aquasun 3

Dontek Solar Controllers warm your pool by accurately controlling the delivery of the cooler pool water to your heated roof collector for your ultimate swimming enjoyment.

A clock function can be enabled whichallows Solar Start and End times tobe selected, this eliminates nuisance early morning starts and the ability to select off peak power only run times

The Aquasun 3CD

The Aquasun 3CD is the ideal choice for boosted systems, this is where the filter pump needs to be running before the solar pump is allowed to start.

The filter pump is simply plugged in to the Aquasun 3CD which detects that the filter pump is turned on and then allows the solar pump to start if required. No more complicated wiring or setup or overloading of chlorinators and timers.

The Aquasun 3BR

All efficient Controllers need to know the roof temperature so Dontek developed the Remote Range for when the going gets tough!Aquasun 3BR with battery powered wireless roof sensor simplifies new installations and eliminates the need to find damaged wiring when upgrading or servicing.

The UHF transmitter sends accurate roof temperatures directly to the

Controller for up to two years without battery replacement.

Product Features

Simple Up, Down and Select Button

Easy to use – Set and Forget

Built in Clock with Battery Backup

Allows the system to learn and store information even during power failure

Auto Sampling

Ensures your pool is getting maximum heat gain

Heavy Duty 40Amp. Contacts

Long Life pump switching

Large LCD Module

Easy to read, even in direct sun light

Marine Grade UV Sensor Cable

Long life even in the harshest conditions

Winter Mode

Assists in pool maintenance during off season – Saves Energy & Equipment

Tropical Mode

Helps cool overheated pools and swim spas

Digital Thermostats

Highest controller accuracy and unequalled reliability – calibration free

Self-Diagnostic Program

Technical feedback if required

Australian Made – from start to finish

Local employment and knowledge of service


Protects your system from freezing if selected

3 Year Warranty

Peace of mind that your controller and sensors will go the distance.

Contact DONTEK ELECTRONICS (tel) 03 97628800

By Ben Grover
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